Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My best testimonial Letter Ever

Dear Dr. Posada,

It was an honor for The Korea Economic Daily to have had you as our most valuable guest
speaker last week. Your visit to Korea has proven to its people that the Marshmallow principles
are what the whole country has been looking for since the financial crisis' spread all over the
world. As you've noticed at the lectures and the book siging event, Korean readers were happy
to meet their preferred foreign author in person and join your lectures for getting more
motivation directly from you. It is evident that you has build up a firm reputation as the most
popular and familiar international speaker to Korean people. All this plays also a key role
concerning the sales figures: it is estimated that the number of all copies sold in Korea will reach
"three million" soon.

In addition, your visit to Korea has unveiled a mysterious land to Korean people: just few
people knew about Puerto Rico in Korea. Your visit has spurred Korean people to
get more information and knowledge about the self-gorverning territory. You made such an
attractive and impressive explanation of the island to us that The Korea Economic Daily will be
happy to find an opportunity to held a fair or convention in Puerto Rico in the future once
the economic crisis fades away. That will be a good chance for Puerto Rico and Korea to get
to know more about each other.

Your visit has given Korean people hopes that we can overcome any obstacles and
that the Rich Port is waiting for us to be explored and loved.
Thank you again for your passion and all the effort you've shown during the visit.

Sincerely yours,
Melany Lee

Melany LeeForeign Rights Manager Foreign Rights TeamThe Korea Economy Daily & Business Publications, Inc.