Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do you do what you do best every day?

Joachim De Posada

By Joachim De Posada

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Gallup, the prestigious survey and management company asked a question of 1.7 million employees  in 101 companies from 63 companies.

It was a simple question:

In your company, do you on a daily basis get the opportunity to do what you do best?

Results: Only 20% of employees, globally working in companies agreed that they have an opportunity to apply their strengths in their jobs.

How can companies be so near sighted?

Do you think that the San Antonio Spurs would be successful if they played Tim Duncan in the guard position?

Or the Heat play Dwight Wayne as a center?

No, of course not.

Your employees are your most important asset. The only way you can be successful is if they each do what they do best.

That team effort is what will get you ahead in a competitive market place.