Sunday, June 30, 2013

Email received about following your passion.

Joachim De Posada

By Joachim De Posada

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This is an email I received in regards to my previous post of following your passion.

I think you should explore the concept of having passion for your job. Although there are some people

who may love what they do, that is not the majority. The purpose of working is to provide income for

yourself and your family. Example: you love nothing more than to act. Well it's okay to be a Starving actor

living in a studio in Los Angeles and waiting tables on the side if you are 25 and alone. But it is not

appropriate if you are married and have a small child to feed. So your responsibility should trump your

passion in this scenario... Right???? So   If you happen to be someone who is passionate about

something that doesn't bring enough income for your situation.., ie playing a sport or acting or painting...

Then what do you do? What if you love guitar but simply aren't good enough to become famous, or you

are an excellent guitarist  but have never had the X factor of being discovered at a bar by a good

producer, or know a friend of a friend who connected you to just the right person. So you have all this

talent but it makes you no money. What do you do?  I ask you this because of my husband. He's

miserable. But he has three kids to feed. So if you define success by passion for what you do and your

passion doesn't equal financial stability then is it impossible to be successful? And if what is important is

to have passion for your work and most people don't feel this passion isn't that setting them up for simply

feeling sorry for themselves instead of being productive? Similar to marriage. When your standard for

marriage is "feeling" in love and that feeling wears off then the only alternative is divorce which results in

a life of other related failures: loss of income, struggles with your children, instability ... So people spend

their time chasing these "feelings" passion, being in love, happiness ... I'm not sure this is the right

formula. Do you have any insight on this because my family is in this kind of crisis. Should my husband

quit his job and become a teacher making $40000 putting us in more financial strain and forcing me to

leave my children to become the bread winner? And what if he realizes (as most do) that what he thought

would be his passion is not as great as he thought it was going to be- he hates waking up in the morning

or he finds being around kids all day quite annoying instead of stimulating. What happens to passion for

your work when there are other players involved that count on you? 


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